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    The Seneca County General Health District is providing COVID-19 vaccinations every Wednesday through the end of July from 9 am-3 pm. Appointments are preferred, and walk-ins are welcome. To schedule an appointment, go to Click on Check Eligibility and Book My Appointment. When visiting our building, we ask that you wear a mask and refrain from visiting if you are ill. If you are unable to register over the computer please call the Seneca County Health department 419-447-3691 at ext. 6355 for assistance. We will also have free COVID-19 antigen home test kits available for pickup.


What else can I do to protect my family, friends, and co-workers? If you’re not vaccinated (and even if you are), we encourage you to monitor yourself for symptoms. We have COVID-19 antigen home test kits that you can keep on hand so that you can easily test yourself. Mild COVID-19 symptoms often mimic seasonal allergies (runny nose, cough), so using a home test kit can help you quickly find out if you do or don’t have COVID-19. Free test kits can be picked up at the Health Department during business hours; they come packaged 6 per box, so you can have some on hand for family members too. The test is done at home under the direct visual supervision of a telehealth provider (so you need to have access to a smartphone and computer/tablet with webcam).

Tricks That Measles Play

Measles is a highly contagious virus. Learn more about the tricks that make measles so infectious.  Learn more about measles, signs, symptoms, and transmission at this link or by clicking the title above: 


Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by mites, which can cause intense itching & a rash that resembles pimples. Common areas of the body which can be affected include between the fingers, wrist, elbow, armpit, waist, buttocks, and genitals. (Select the title to read more)

Seneca County Employers

The Seneca County Health District asks that you do not request that an employee who has been positive for COVID get a repeat test before they are allowed to return to work.  It is not necessary if they have done their 10 day isolation or if a contact of a positive case has done their 14 day quarantine.


First of all, it is putting a strain on our testing sites.  Secondly, it is possible for someone to have a positive test after their period of isolation but they are not contagious any longer therefore do not need to be kept out of the workplace.


Also, do not ask people who have been in contact with a positive case to get a test before their quarantine time is up in order to let them come back to work early.  A person can become positive at any time during that 14 day period.

There are exceptions to workers, such as in the healthcare profession, which are considered essential employees. The guidelines in that situation are that they may work if they remain symptom free and wear appropriate PPE. They however should refrain from going anywhere else.

Household Sewage Treatment System Grant

Eligible county residents could get financial assistance through a grant program administered by Seneca Regional Planning Commission on behalf of the Seneca County General Health District. The Home Sewage Treatment System grant is to assist income eligible homeowners in repairing failing septic systems. A pool of $150,000 is available and funding is dependent on household income. For more information or to see if you are eligible, contact Brittany Bisher at the Regional Planning office, (419) 443-7936, ext. 1108


COVID-19 Hotline 1-833-427-5634

Ohio Department of Health now has a call center to answer questions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). the call center will be open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and can be reached at 1-833-427-5634.

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In the event of a public health emergency* the Seneca County General Health District can be contacted at anytime.

During regular business hours please call (419) 447-3691.

Regular business hours are Monday - Friday.

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After business hours, weekends, and holidays please contact the SCGHD Health Commissioner via the Seneca County Sheriff's Office at (419) 447-3456


*A public health emergency includes Class A reportable disease, foodborne illness, and bioterrorism event.  

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